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Top ways to prevent fire in your Home

A fire is counted among the most common accidents taking place in residential places. That’s why it is vital to be prepared well in advance in case you face such an unfortunate event at your home. It is very important for you to know all the ways that help in the prevention of fire from happening in the first place. You should know how to prevent fire in your home to protect your loved ones and save yourself from a huge financial loss.

You must already know about the more obvious things you can purchase to protect your home against fire. These include smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and even fireproof safe deposit boxes to protect your valuables. In addition to that, you should also have an escape plan. However, there are some easy steps that you can take to keep your home safer. And if you start right now, then you can surely prevent a problem before it even occurs.

· Unplug items that are not in use

Did you know that the extra electricity flowing through appliances in your home is also a potential fire hazard? Electronic items such as computers, televisions, game systems, etc. use electricity even when they are not switched on. It means that a surge can be experienced by them or they can cause fire by just overheating. Continuous electricity flowing into them also provides them with a source of the fire. You can cut down on your chances of fire to a great extent by unplugging these electronic items when they are not in use.

· Use surge protectors

This is a very basic thing. You need to ensure that all your electronics are plugged into surge protectors. A surge in power can lead to an electrical fire but by plugging items into a surge protector, the chances of excess electricity getting to the item and causing fire are nullified. The surge protector does the task of keeping the extra out and reducing fire risk in the first place. It also diminishes the strength of fire in case you do get one.

· Never leave flames unattended

Make sure that whenever you are cooking, lighting candles, or using any other type of flame or excessive heat, you are watching it at all times. Never get away from the stove if you are cooking anything. You need to keep an eye on the fireplace as well if you start a fire in it. If ever there is any kind of problem, then you will be able to recognise it quickly by keeping an eye on these types of flames. Thus, you can sort out the situation quickly and save your family from any unfortunate event. You should also keep a fire extinguisher and smoke alarms at such places.

· Keep flammable items away from heat

Fabrics, paper, and even hair are flammable and you should always keep them away from excessive heat or flame. Also, whenever starting a fire in your fireplace, you should keep your clothes and hair out of the way. Always keep the stack of papers away from your wax melter. You should be very careful of anything that could turn into a problem. To avoid a fire popping up anywhere, you need to watch heat sources and anything close to them.

Causes covered under fire damage

One of the most stressful and devastating accidents to deal with is damage from fire. A lot of reasons can cause fire, big or small:

· Lightning strike damage

· Gas leak explosion

· Faulty electrical

· Grease Fire

· Accident

· Candles

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