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Water Damage

What Causes of Water Damage Are Covered by My Insurance?

Water Damage to property are one of the most common claims reported in South Florida. More often than flooding Water Damage is caused by incidents such as:

  • AC leaks

  • Water main or pipe breaks

  • Wind-driven rain

  • Refrigeration, dishwasher, or other appliance leaks

  • Shower pan leaks

  • Sewage overflow or backups

  • Common household Malfunctions


It is especially important to work quickly when dealing with water damage because of the side effects that come with sitting water in damp, humid, and warm locations. Such problems include mold growing in or around affected areas and corrosion of affected property.

Santos Public Adjusters will work quickly and effectively with stateoftheart equipment to get the damages documented as quickly as possible so that you can get damages fixed and avoid more damage to your property.

Do you have any of
the damages below?


Roof leaks

roof (1).png

Ceiling Damage


Sewer Line Damage


Water Heater Bursts

leak (1).png

Broken Drain Lines


Broken Supply Lines


Broken angle stops


A/C Unit Leak

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