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Know the Difference Between a Public Adjuster and an Independent Adjuster

You quickly need to become familiar with the insurance claim procedure in case you have suffered huge damage to your business or home. Being a policyholder, you should know whom you should hire to represent you. This is definitely the first step.

There are independent adjusters and then there are public adjusters as well. Being a layman, you may not know the difference between these two types of adjusters. Let’s find out what is the basic differences between the two.

Independent Adjusters vs. Public Adjusters

Independent Adjuster

It may appear to you from its name that an independent adjuster is exactly what you need, but in reality, these adjusters work for insurance companies; not you. Their employer is the insurance company and they do not represent you. Legally, they represent only the interests of insurance companies. Independent adjusters handle claims on behalf of insurance companies.

Serving as a representative and acting on behalf of insurance companies, an independent adjuster is not an employee of the insurer. Rather an independent adjusting firm hires, supervises, and pays them. These firms maintain a roster of independent adjusters and contact them when there is a shortage of staff in handling the volume of claims being filed. In this situation, the firm will contract those claims out to an independent adjuster firm that also has its team of adjusters working on the claims.

In a place like Florida, people mostly associate with big events like hurricanes. However, this is not the only time when insurers take help from independent adjusters firms or independent adjusters. Insurance carriers are depending on these companies and adjusters more and more for small events and daily claims. It keeps the national workforce active and saves insurers money.

Public Adjuster

On the other hand, a public adjuster works exclusively for the insurance policyholder. They help you with the complex provisions and procedures that are involved in a typical insurance claim. These adjusters represent you and they also help in documenting, expediting, filing your claim, and assisting you through the entire claims process. They also make sure that the claim is handled fairly, quickly, and with maximum financial restitution.

Public adjusters are paid by the insurance policyholders directly. Acting on behalf of them, these adjusters negotiate with the staff or independent adjusters assigned to a specific claim. A policyholder secures the services of a public adjuster. In case you are concerned that you will not get a fair settlement, then you should hire a public adjuster as they make sure you get maximum satisfaction.

These adjusters either work on their own or as a part of a larger public adjusting firm. Independent adjusters handle claims as a matter of course, while public adjusters need to solicit or sell their services. A public adjuster needs to be licensed as well.

Santos Public Adjusters is a Florida-based firm that has emerged as a reliable name among policyholders. Gustavo Santos, President & Lead Public Adjuster, has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Being a reliable public adjuster, he knows each and everything about the insurance company procedures and guidelines. Hundreds of people have been represented by him on their different kinds of claims against the insurance company. He is well-versed with all the knowledge and understanding of policies that are essential to the negotiation and settlement of your insurance claim.


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