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What to Look for When Choosing a Public Adjuster in South Florida?

A public insurance adjuster is a qualified professional who policyholders can hire to represent their best interests in the event of a property insurance claim. The states established public insurance adjusters to assist in leveling the playing field with the insurance provider and give the policyholder an experienced advocate.

The public adjuster manages the claim, ensures all claim filing procedures are satisfied, and assists in recovering the amount a policyholder is entitled to under their insurance contract. Unlike the insurance adjuster dispatched by the insurance company, the public adjuster works for you. Many policyholders will engage a public adjuster before hiring an attorney to avoid litigation and keep more of their payout.

Hire the Adjuster at the Appropriate Time

As with any problem, it's always ideal to consult specialists as early in the process as feasible. Property insurance policies are reviewed and understood by public adjusters. Without adequate representation, you may be entitled to extra coverage of which you are unaware.

Regarding insurance claims, policyholders should be wary of agreeing to or signing anything provided by their insurance provider that they are only partially comfortable with. For example, consider this study on making the most of your insurance claim. However, expert assistance comes at a cost, and many policyholders choose to handle their claims independently.

Consider hiring a public insurance adjuster if any of the following criteria exist:

  1. People's lives are already busy. They work and have family obligations and may not want to deal with the stress of attempting to have a claim handled and reimbursed. It would help if you had more time to cope with the insurance company's requests.

  2. Insurance contracts may be complicated paperwork that leaves people confused about their coverage. It would be best if you familiarized yourself with your policies. Getting clarification from your insurance agent can sometimes be beneficial. However, if you need help grasping your policy, consider seeking assistance from a public adjuster such as Santos Public Adjusters. The more professional public adjusters will assess your loss for free.

  3. Filing an insurance claim (mainly when the losses are significant and complicated) can be difficult. You need to gain the necessary knowledge. If you are unsure, get assistance to avoid making mistakes that might jeopardize your settlement. Public Adjusters like Santos Public adjusters are an excellent choice for getting your insurance claims.

  4. Your losses are significant. Severe property damage raises a slew of complex claims concerns. Claims under your coverage and certain types of losses should be noticed. Certain costs may also be assigned to the incorrect claim categories. Identifying concealed structural damage, accurately assessing your loss, and accounting for items and valuables can all influence the value of your claim.

  5. The insurance company is providing a speedy settlement. Insurance company studies show that the faster a policyholder is paid off, the happier they are. Unfortunately, what appears to be excellent customer service can occasionally be an attempt to settle a claim for less money owing to stress and a desire to "get it over with." Our only suggestion is to take time and ensure you are well-protected. You should not be pushed or compelled to sign anything before fully understanding a claim's implications.

  6. Based on your coverage, the insurance company's settlement offer seemed insufficient. Unfortunately, adjusters and carriers for insurance companies only sometimes behave in the best interests of their policyholders. They are in business to make a profit and may evaluate property damage differently than you do. Alternatively, they may decide that you are not covered for some damage. Sometimes bids may not even come close to the cost of repairing the damaged property. This is where an expert who knows insurance policy wording and utilizes the same estimate tools as the insurance provider may help.

  7. Your insurance claims adjuster is trying to talk you out of using a public insurance adjuster. Fear of dealing with a licensed expert by insurance claims personnel may be a warning sign. You should be the only one who decides if employing your public adjuster makes sense and is worthwhile.


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