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How to Review Your Insurance Policy for Hurricane Season

As hurricane season approaches, it's crucial for homeowners to review their insurance policies to ensure they are adequately protected. Understanding your coverage, identifying gaps, and making necessary adjustments can save you significant stress and financial loss in the aftermath of a storm. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to review your insurance policy effectively.

Homeowner signing insurance policy for hurricane season

Step-by-Step Guide to Reviewing Your Insurance Policy for Hurricane Season

1. Understand Your Coverage

The first step in reviewing your insurance policy is to understand what is covered and what is not. Pay attention to the following key areas:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Ensure your policy covers the cost to rebuild your home at current construction costs.

  • Personal Property Coverage: Verify that your belongings are adequately covered.

  • Loss of Use Coverage: Check if your policy covers additional living expenses if you need to live elsewhere temporarily.

  • Liability Coverage: Make sure you have sufficient liability coverage to protect you from potential lawsuits.

2. Check for Exclusions and Limitations

Insurance policies often have exclusions and limitations that can affect your coverage. Look for:

  • Flood Exclusions: Most standard homeowner policies do not cover flood damage. Consider purchasing separate flood insurance.

  • Windstorm and Hurricane Deductibles: Understand the specific deductibles for windstorm and hurricane damage, as they may be higher than your standard deductible.

  • Personal Property Limits: High-value items like jewelry, art, and electronics may have limited coverage. You might need additional endorsements or riders.

3. Assess Your Policy's Adequacy

Evaluate whether your current coverage limits are adequate. Consider:

  • Inflation: Ensure your coverage amounts have kept pace with inflation and increased rebuilding costs.

  • Recent Home Improvements: Update your policy to reflect any recent renovations or additions.

  • Local Building Codes: Verify that your policy includes coverage for the increased costs of complying with current building codes.

4. Document and Mitigate

Before hurricane season starts, take steps to document and mitigate potential damage:

  • Inventory Your Belongings: Create a detailed inventory of your personal property, including photos or videos.

  • Perform Routine Maintenance: Address any necessary repairs or upgrades to your home, such as roof inspections and gutter cleaning.

Contact Santos Public Adjusters for a Free Review of Your Insurance Policy Prior Hurricane Season

Reviewing your insurance policy can be complex, and it’s easy to overlook critical details. At Santos Public Adjusters, we offer a comprehensive policy review service to help you understand your coverage and ensure you’re adequately protected for hurricane season.

Contact us today for a free policy review and property inspection. Let us help you navigate the intricacies of your insurance policy so you can have peace of mind when the storms roll in.

Additional Considerations

Roof and Exterior Coverage

  • Roof Condition: Check if your policy covers the full replacement cost of your roof or only its depreciated value.

  • Exterior Structures: Ensure structures like fences, sheds, and carports are covered.

Flood Insurance

Flooding is a common consequence of hurricanes, but it is typically not covered under standard homeowner policies. Consider purchasing separate flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Expert Assistance

Insurance policies can be complicated, and understanding the fine print is crucial. Here’s where Santos Public Adjusters can make a difference. Our team of experts will:

  • Review Your Policy: Identify gaps and recommend necessary adjustments.

  • Advocate for You: Ensure you get the maximum benefit from your insurance coverage.

  • Provide Peace of Mind: Help you prepare adequately for hurricane season.


Preparing for hurricane season involves more than just stocking up on supplies; it requires a thorough review of your insurance policy to ensure you're fully covered. By understanding your coverage, identifying gaps, and making necessary adjustments, you can protect your home and family from financial hardship. Contact Santos Public Adjusters today for a comprehensive policy review and ensure you’re ready for whatever hurricane season brings.

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